What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)


I was initially planning to be in Sambuca and spend some time working on the HackerHouse. Since that’s unfortunately not really an option right now, I’m staying put in Berlin, Germany.

I usually do barbell training at a gym every other day. Since we don’t have enough space for a full rack in our current (and temporary) living arrangement, I’m doing bodyweight exercises. It’s nice to only use your body as workout equipment, but I’m starting to miss proper squats.

Back in high school, I had to learn French. I was awful at it, and it was a horrible experience. I hated everything about it. Life goes on, things change. Especially after being in a relationship with a seriously francophile person for several years and consequently spending many months in France, I decided to reassess my stance on the language and have been studying French again. I’ve been using Chatterbug for several months now and have to admit that it has been great! Les exercices sont bons, je parle français avec mes tuteurs chaque semaine et j’aime bien l’expérience ! C’est la première fois dans ma vie que la langue française ne me fait plus peur.

Building a business

I have been running unicornmood.com for several years now. It’s a tool that helps companies and managers keep track of how employees are feeling about their work. You should check it out.


Over the past ~4 years, I’ve been working as a “long-term” contractor for various companies all over the globe. I’m currently available for new contracts.